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Welcome !

Our website isn’t just about promoting our music. We want to build relationships and bridges with you too. We want to create links between our ideas and our actions. We humbly accept that we need to participate in bringing awareness and light to these dark times.

We face a turning point in our lives. Humanity is at a turning point.The way we respond to the challenges and issues we face will shape our future. And we all have a role to play in shaping that future. We can not sit by while false narratives take over and try to keep us ignorant and oblivious.

I’m convinced that the way forward is to unite in truth, compassion and love. Solidarity will help drive the positive change we need.

Strength lies in our capacity to come together, create networks and places for sharing and caring. We need these spaces to express ourselves authentically, to discuss ideas and projects and to form common bonds.

Here you will find access to social and ecological associations and networks who have already pioneered actions to save our humanity.

Let us not lose hope now, in these uncertain times. Let us unite and act in defense of a better world. We are all one!

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