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Many thank to:
Kakoli Sengupta (vocal on Nostalgie and Reseke Pare), Dinu Constanta alias Maria (vocal on O Floraes and Surya), Michael George Haynes alias Michael Prophet (vocal on Children are calling), Earl Dailey alias Earl 16 (Vocal on free Africa and Consciousness), Matar M’baye (vocal on djamano), Souleimane Diarra alias solo Tamani ( talking drum) , Souleimane Dembele (Calabassa), Olivier Sigba (drum),Nico drum Fundechan ( funde drum), Prabhu Edouard  (tablas), Andra Kouyaté (N’goni), Dramane Dembele ( the « Singing "  Flute), Jeremie Dessus alias Bim (guitar), Alex Legrand (Guitar), Edwards Dale Courtney aliasBublazz (Keyboard), Bala (Traditional Violin), Edouard Labor (tenor saxophone), Edivandro Borges and Thomas Henning ( trombone), Pascal Ohse (trumpet, flutes, bass, additional percussion, composer, artistic direction, production), Victor Compte (artistic direction, production), Nicolas Dufournet (mastering at Melodium Studio Montreuil).

And also thanks for their help and support :
Amadou Diallo , Carole Aguer , Said Bajid (film maker, lycaon association), Tristan Meunier alias Serial Cuter (film editing), Pablo malek alias Blopa (film editing), tout la bas c’est ici association

(typo ital mansatta), Stéphane Cabanis, Amorel & Fodé N'daw (translation) Philippe Manguin (Photo Cover).

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